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Panini served warm with salad garnish !!
(V) Tricolore £4.70
Mozzarella, sun blushed tomato & mix leaf salad.

(V) Vegetariano £4.70
Mixed roast vegetables

Salsiccia £4.70
Home made sliced Sicilian sausage, roast mushrooms, mozzarella & salad

Siciliano £4.70
Roast ham, roast mushrooms, fresh tomato & Sicilian red onion jam

Del Fattore £4.70
Marinated grilled chicken, Sicilian red onion jam, mix leaf salad

Piccante £4.70
Spicy salame, mozzarella & fresh tomato

Salmone £4.70
Smoked salmon, Italian cream cheese and mix leaf salad

(V) Panelle £4.70
Home made chick pea fritters with lots of pepper, salt & lemon on the side



All salads are served with crusty home made bread
(VG) Roast Vegetables Salad £6.99
Mix leaf salad with grilled courgettes, aubergines, roast peppers and artichokes

(G) Chicken Salad £6.99
Mix leaf salad, marinated chicken, artichokes, grilled vegetables & sun dried tomato

(G) Mediterranean Salad £6.99
Mix leaf salad, sun blushed tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, Parma ham and olives

(G) Sea View Salad £6.99
Mix leaf salad, tomato, onions, tuna fish & smoked salmon.


Served with Whipped Cream..!! (May Contain Nuts, Please Ask...)
(V) Tiramisu £4.50
Layers of lady finger biscuit with mascarpone cream, coffee, Marsala liquor & cocoa

(V) Banoffi Pie £4.50
Crumbly base with layers of toffee cream and banana, topped with fresh cream

(VG) Italian Cheese Cake £4.50
Gluten-Free biscuits base with baked cheese & vanilla topped with jam of the day

(V) Junky Chocolate Cake £4.50
Chocolate sponge cake with layers of chocolate fudge cream

(V) Sicilian Lemon Pudding £4.50
Traditional warm sponge pudding with Sicilian lemon sauce

(V) Sticky Toffee Pudding £4.50
Home made warm dates pudding with sticky toffee sauce

(VG) Sicilian Ice-Cream Slice £3.99
Hand made Sicilian Gelato slice with chocolate, vanilla & strawberry. 120gr each…

Any Pasta or Any Pizza £6.00 Each

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