Coffees& Soft Drinks

Strong own blend Italian coffee!!
Espresso £2.00
Long, short (Ristretto), double or with milk (Macchiato)

Americano £2.00
A long single espresso served black or with milk or cream. “The alternative to filter coffee”

Cappuccino £2.30
Fluffy milk coffee with a sprinkling of cocoa powder

Latte £2.30
Milky coffee. The Traditional Italian Caffe’ e Latte…!!

Mokaccino £2.50
A blend of coffee and chocolate

Hot Chocolate £2.70
Traditional hot chocolate served plain or with cream

Pot of Tea £1.80
Choose between Traditional Tea, Earl Grey or Green Tea, served with milk or lemon wedge

Ice Tea £2.50
Flavoured ice tea with Lemon or Peach

Orangeade £2.50
Fizzy classic Red orangeade

Lemonade £2.50
Fizzy cloudy lemonade

J2O Fruit Juice £2.70
Choose between Raspberry & Apple, Orange & Passion Fruit, Apple & Mango

Fizzy J2O Spritz £2.70
Choose between Pear & Raspberry, Apple & Watermelon, Peach & Apricot

Coca Cola £2.30
Fizzy coke

Diet Coke £2.30
Fizzy diet coca cola

Mineral Water £2.00
Choose between Still or Sparkling

Real Fruit Juices £2.50
Choose between Orange or Pineapple

Soda Water £1.50
Fizzy refreshing non-alcoholic aperitif

Tonic Water £1.50
Fizzy refreshing non-alcoholic aperitif


Everyday 9.30am to 11.00am
Warm Croissant (v) £2.00
Warm plain croissant served with jam and butter

Italian Toasted Bread (v) £2.50
Warm home made ciabatta bread served with butter

Italian Style Tea-Cake (v) £2.00
Freshly grilled panettone fruit slice, served with butter


Served with Whipped Cream..!! (May Contain Nuts, Please Ask…)
Home-Made Tiramisu’ (v) £4.20
Layers of lady finger biscuit with mascarpone cream, coffee,, Marsala liquor & cocoa

Home-Made Lemon Cake (v) £4.20
Layers of lady finger biscuit with mascarpone cream, lemon juice & Limoncello liquor

Italian Cheese Cake (vg) £4.20
Gluten-Free biscuits base with baked cheese & vanilla topped with jam of the day

Home-Made Chocolate Cake (v) £4.20
Layers of lady finger biscuit with mascarpone cream, chocolate, Baileys liquor, cocoa

Home-Made Amaretto Cake (v) £4.20
Layers of lady finger biscuit, mascarpone cream, amaretti biscuits, amaretto liquor

Italian Profitteroles (v) £4.20
Soft pastry balls stuffed with fresh cream and topped with rich chocolate sauce

Italian Ice-Cream Sundae (vg) £3.50
Lemon, Cherry, Chocolate, Amaretto & Hazelnut, Mint Choc Chip, 95gr glass each


Mini cakes served with your own regular coffee choice..!!
Tiramisu’ (v) £3.90
Layers of lady finger biscuit with mascarpone cream, coffee, Marsala wine & cocoa

Italian Panettone (v) £3.90
Freshly toasted panettone fruit light cake, served with butter

Mini Cantuccini Biscotti (v) £3.90
Mix mini Cantuccini with almonds biscotti

Assorted Italian Favourites (v) £3.90
Assorted chocolate soft sweet, white chocolate tart, lemon stuffed puff pastry

Mini Your Own Choice Cake (vg) £3.90
Half portion of our own choices of desserts, choose between chocolate, lemon, profiteroles, cheesecake, amaretto mini cakes