Classic Bellini:

Peach & Prosecco   £5.50
Prosecco floating atop light peach juice to enhance flavour and mixed to extend the enjoyment.

Mexico under the sun which sings:

T-Sunrise £5.50
Subtle agreements of tequila, Grenadian, lemon & orange.

Taste of Garda:

Aperol Spritz (House Special)  £5.50
If ever travelling to lake Garda this is the drink of choice, Aperol, prosecco, soda.

…Even not fear!:

Zombie £5.50
Disconcerting magic with the tasty shivers of rum, apricot, Grenadian, pineapple and green lemon

Cuba makes its revolution freshness with its companeros:

Mojito £5.50
Crushed ice, mint and lime all muddled together with white rum & soda water


What more could you need:

Magic Amazon (Non-Alcoholic) £5.50
Shivering put at the green with the major scents of kiwis, aloe-vera, green apples, bananas and orange

Boarding pirates without concession of exotic perfumes:

Sand Island (Non-Alcoholic) £5.50
Mangos, fruits of passion, papaws and orange

Abandon yourself to the exotic:

Passion Tropic (Non-Alcoholic) £5.50
Fruity abandonment of strawberries, peach and pineapple


Italian finger-food to accompany your drink  !!

(V) Italian Style Tea-Cake             £2.00
Freshly grilled panettone fruit slice, served with butter

(V) Sicilian Zeppoline                  £3.00
Freshly home made golden dough strips with salt and rosemary

Gluten Free Menu… 
Please choose from Main Menu for different  Sauces, Toppings, Dishes. Or ask a member of staff for more information

(G) Italian Appetisers                      As Priced
Freshly home made. Please avoid Bread, Meatballs or Breaded Coated dishes

(G) Italian Pasta Dishes     As Priced
Freshly home made. Please avoid Meatballs, Cannelloni & Lasagna dishes

(G) Italian Pizza                   As Priced
Freshly hand made 12” pizza base. Please avoid fresh Sausage topping

(G) Italian Main Courses   As Priced
Freshly home made. Please avoid Sicilian Meatloaf dish

(G) Italian Baked Cheesecake £4.30
Gluten-Free biscuit base with baked cheese & vanilla topped with jam of the day

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